Intermatica Holding: la stanza dei bottoni

Mission: guidare il gruppo nelle scelte strategiche e ottimizzare la gestione finanziaria.

Telecom, Trade, Image e Consulting sono le aree operative presidiate dal gruppo, guidato da Intermatica Holding, vero e proprio motore strategico e sala di controllo degli scenari futuri del business » italiano

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Intermatica Holding S.r.l.
Via G. Donizetti, 7
00198 ROMA
tel. +39 06 85357474
fax +39 06 85301068

Intermatica Holding




Intermatica Holding is the leading company within the Intermatica Group firms, a real strategic driver, the control room for present and future business scenarios strategies.

A holding company for corporate control, in charge of coordinating and optimizing resources, through a common strategic and financial view which allows each single firm a large operating freedom, key factor for the achievements of success.

Intermatica holding supports the firms in the Group by coordinating their synergies in business integration, studying mega trends, identifying new business opportunities, developing the strategic communication, acting as trend and general auditing.

Control, planning, strategy, optimization and communication are the instruments by which Intermatica Holding makes each firm in the Group able to be and go for an enterprise.

Range of Activities
  • Economic and financial planning

  • Organization and development

  • Administration and auditing

  • Human resources management

  • Quality control

  • Marketing strategy

  • Business strategy

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